Top 5 Unique Smoking Products

With marijuana rapidly entering the mainstream, cannabis users are turning to stylish smoking accessories. Whether they want to smoke like Snoop Dog or Martha Stewart, there’s an accessory to suit every taste.

Rolling papers are the most popular and essential smoking accessories. Stock up on RAW rolling papers in a variety of sizes and designs to meet the needs of your customers.


If you’re looking for a high-end, premium glass pipe that will last a lifetime, then Roor is the brand for you. Their sleek designs and expert craftsmanship have made them a favorite among smoking connoisseurs around the world. They use only the highest quality German Schott glass and advocate against mass manufacturing, so their products are as durable as they are appealing.

Every piece is hand-crafted by one of their own glass artists from premium laboratory grade borosilicate glass. This glass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, so it will not crack from sudden temperature changes like regular glass does.

Their attention to detail has led to innovations such as ice notches Unique Smoking Products, which allow you to add a piece of ice to your bong to cool the smoke before it hits your lungs. This feature has become a standard for many other glass makers today. They also collaborate with international flamework artist Eusheen Goines to create beautiful and unique pieces.

Grav Labs

As a leading 420 accessory retailer, Grav Labs offers high-quality scientific glass products that elevate your smoking sessions. This Austin, Texas-based brand has a wide range of stylish and functional water pipes with advanced filtration systems that cool and flavorize your smoke. You’ll find options like the Upline and Helix water pipes that look a bit like souped-up versions of chemistry lab equipment while boasting superior filtration and cooling technology.

Grav Labs also has a variety of bubblers and sherlocks that feature similar styling to their other glass pieces, but with unique functions. For example, the Helix bubbler has a tapered mouthpiece that spins your smoke into a vortex, cooling it before inhalation.

Founded in 2004, GRAV Labs has earned an excellent reputation for its high-quality, affordable scientific glassware. Check out our selection of Grav Labs hand pipes, bubblers, sherlocks, & dab rigs to find your new favorite piece today! The company’s Upline and Stax lines are particularly popular with our customers.


Ashtrays are one of the simplest, most indispensable accessories for any smoker. They’re available in a wide variety of materials, and they can be as decorative or as functional as you want. Some, like the orb-shaped ashtray from Maari, are designed to close, allowing you to trap unsightly butts inside (and add some interior design flair to your space at the same time).

Others, like this one from X-Value, are made out of hard silicone that is nearly unbreakable. This makes them perfect for anyone who smokes in different places or households with active pets that knock over everything.

While many of the ashtrays from the past have been hidden away in closets and basements since smoking indoors became more socially acceptable, they’re making a comeback among collectors. One antiques dealer has created a computerized database of prices for old ashtrays, finding that the same piece can sell for as little as $35 in one shop to as much as $250 in another.

Rolling Machines

Cigarette rolling machines are a must-have for anyone who loves smoking. Using a machine helps you avoid the mess that comes from hand-rolling and ensures that your cigarettes are always perfect. They also help you save money compared to buying pre-made cigarettes.

There are several different types of cigarette rolling machines, including manual ones that you crank with your thumbs and electric models that work with electricity. They are usually easy to use and don’t require a lot of skill, making them an excellent choice for novice smokers.

They are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to roll from small 1 1/4 sized joints to the classic king size. Some even come with preparation trays to keep your hands clean. Other types of cigarette rolling machines include injectors, which automatically add tobacco to your paper, and cone fillers, which are great for those who like to smoke pre-rolled cones. They can be expensive, though.